The Falcon and the Winter Soldier [Grade: A-]

Director: Kari Skogland

Writers: Malcolm Spellman, Michael Kastelein, Josef Sawyer, & Derek Kolstad

Cast: Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, Erin Kellyman, Wyatt Russell, Adepero Oduye, Clé Bennet, Carl Lumbly, Emily VanCamp, & Daniel Brühl

* * *

I am really enjoying these Marvel series. The Falcon and Winter Soldier was such a necessary series for our current social climate, and I think it was also an important and smart way to help with the transition of the next Marvel era. Now, I do hope that Disney doesn’t go into overkill with the social commentary…like it did in episode 6…

I also feel inclined to mention that this series feels like Disney continuing to right some of its wrongs of its problematic past with racial representation—Almost like using the huge Marvel platform to solidify the more conscious Disney of today. 

In the end, this series gave me The Boys-meets-Training Day-meets-Bad Boys-meets-New York Undercover with a dash of Miami Vice. 

Below is my ranking for each episode based on what I’d be genuinely interested in watching multiple times, with my personal grading and takeaways.  

* * *

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