Bridgerton [Grade: A]

Earlier this year, Shonda Rhimes announced that she was leaving ABC and moving to Netflix. Now, I am not sure if this is the first Netflix original to bear the Shondaland brand, but it is the first that I’ve come across on the platform. 

From the storyline and preview, I wasn’t as naturally drawn to the show. But a friend of mine who is into victorian set productions insisted that we check it out, and once I was in…I was in. 

* * *

Below are my grades for key components in #Bridgerton that I find to be key in any story/tv series—Plot, Pacing, and Character Arc/Development.

Additionally, I have added an entertainment factor scale to help you determine whether or not the series is something you’d be interested in taking time out of your weekend, evening, or day to watch. The scale range consists of: Worth the Binge, Interesting Enough (if looking for something new to start), & Don’t Rush.

I have also added a few non-spoiling thoughts, wonderings, and comments as I watched the series to help give some rationale for my grades and entertainment scale.

* * *

Plot: A-

Pacing: A

Character Arc/Development: A

Entertainment Factor: Interesting Enough

* * *

The Takeaways (BOLD= Thumbs Up/Pluses & Relaxed= Thumbs Down/Missteps):

1. There is a Desperate Housewives aura about this series that’s fun and nostalgic. 

2. The background of this interracial, Victorian township is creative and clever… it overall gave me vibes of Brandy’s Cinderella, but with more intention.

3. Baby… The Duke of Hastings… … #Yum! 

4. AAAAND, the fighter… my goodness! #Swoon

5. That Queen… Chile, she was a Kee! 

6. Speaking of The Queen, shout out to the costumes and wigs! #YES! 

7. Now, why are all the young POCs dealing with the conflicting, and/or problematic issues? 

8. It took me a minute to get into Daphne… Yeah, she was definitely “the fairest of them all” on the set/in the town, but she’s not the “fairest of them all…” 

9. Lady Whistledown is COMEDY! And Messy! 

10. That fight between Daphne and her husband at the Bridgerton house after finding out “the truth” made NO sense. Like, GIRL! That has NOTHING to do with why y’all are fighting in the first place. 

11. The premise is a little predictable, and you can tell the writing really tried to find ways to tarnish the predicability in some capacity…not sure if it really worked in their favor. 

12. Phew, the Featheringtons… #Wow, and I was expecting something totally different to occur with this family. 

13. YESSSSS for the painter and his parties! 

14. But, to piggyback off of #12, the Featherington family also bring a necessary balance to the story. 

15. I live for Lady Danbury! 


* * *

Overall, the series is pretty good. It’s fun, engaging, and has a very Scandal meets Desperate Housewives meets Cinderella meets The Crown vibe. 

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