My Faves of 2020 [Top 10 Movies]

This year I watched 29 films, and many of them were pretty damn good. This list was extremely hard to narrow down, but I was finally able to narrow it down to 11—with a tie at #5. 

So, without further ado, I give to you MY top 10 films of 2020 (NOT to be confused with THE top 10 films of 2020, although I am sure a few of these would probably make the cut depending on who has the title and respectability to name THE top 10 films of the year LOL). 

* * *

#FYI: My 10 were narrowed down based on the overall score I gave each film, then rearranged based on creativity of plot/prioritizing films that felt fresh, and the final rearranging touch being those films that definitely pulled at my joy and interest the most. 

* * *

10. Netflix and Ryan Murphy’s #The Prom:

Loved the pacing and overall energy of the adaptation, and I also just love Ryan Murphy’s creative eye. Additionally, I found Streep, Key, Kidman, Washington, and Corden to be a golden blast together. My only issue is that the story, though cute and socially conscious, is a little outdated. 

9Netflix and Spike Lee’s #Da5Bloods:

When Spike Lee gave us #Chiraq, I was immediately and surprisingly turned off by him. Where was the Spike Lee who gave us School Daze and Mo Better Blues? He Got Game and Crooklyn? It was obvious that he wasn’t as in tune with the current climate and generation he was creating a story behind, and it was really disappointing. 

Then came Black KKKlansman, Andy faith was revived. When Netflix released his reworked “She’s Gotta Have It” season 1, it added more fuel to the faith. BUT when season 2 premiered, a season that involved newer writing to continue the story, that faith was lost again. So, I went into Da 5 Bloods with low expectations, but an underlying hope for a win, and he delivered. 

#Da5Bloods is not a film I am naturally drawn to, but a film I was proud to have come across due to where my perspective on Spike Lee was at the time. I was also very pleased with the acting of Delroy Lindo! Just superb! RIP to Chadwick Boseman. 

8. Netflix and David E Talbert’s #JingleJangle:

Now this was a fun, spirit heavy film that left me smiling. I appreciated the diversity of the cast, and how great Madalen Mills was as a young actress. The storyline was pretty predictable, and the moment in the tunnel and fire was a stretch… but it was a joyous experience overall. 

7. Bilall Fallah and Adil el Arbi’s #BadBoysForLife:

I truly LOVED the nostalgia this film gave to start 2020 off. Furthermore, considering what we are currently living through, the spirit of this film just takes me back to the months when things were “normal.” I remember feeling so good and fuzzy in the theater watching this film with 2 friends picking things up where they left off so many years ago, and having just amazing chemistry. The ending, however, was just a little too “happily ever after” for me in the context of an action film. 

6. Vaughn Stein’s #Inheritance:

This was a film that was recommended to me by a FB friend, and I was surprised to have gotten hooked into it like I did. Yeah the exposition moved a little slow, but the good thing is that it didn’t last too long—pace picked up pretty well. Additionally, at a certain point, the plot becomes predictable, but there is a twist that provides a much needed detour to that predictability that I appreciated. 

[[TIE]] 5. Netflix and Remi Weekes’ #HisHouse:

I’m not a super horror/thriller fan unless there is a premise that seems to be different from the norm. I was drawn to this particular film because of Wunmi Mosaku. I loved her in Lovecraft Country, so wanted to see her in this, and was glad to have taken the chance.

[[TIE]] 5. Hulu and Justin Simien’s #BadHair:

Now this is a movie that was SO different that what many expected it to be, and was the reason for the mixed feelings that many had about it. But once you understand the genre and overall creative backing of the film (this 80s cult fiction-esque vibe), you learn to appreciate it. I also enjoyed the messaging for Black people, and society in general, when it comes to the role our hair plays in how we navigate the world. 

4. Netflix, Henry Joost, and Ariel Schulman’s #ProjectPower:

Now THIS was an exciting ride to be on! I just loved the creativity behind the concept which reminded me of Netflix’s #Bright, and loved the overall casting. 

3. Jeff Fowler’s #SonicTheHedgehog:

This was such a pleasant and fun surprise. I don’t even understand how the team thought they could carry this film with the initial Sonic look. Jim Carey was also just a joy to see on screen as Doctor Eggman, and the chemistry between Tika Sumpter and James Marsden was solid. Just an overall well done, entertaining film.

2. Netflix and Gina Prince-Bythewood’s #TheOldGuard:

Yes, Yes, and YES! First and foremost, I adore Charlize Theron, and she delivered as I expected her to do. But the story was also very interesting and had me hooked. It was such a nice add to the summer-shift of quarantine. 

1. Pixar, Disney, and Pete Docter’s #Soul:

This is definitely one the most thought provoking, and creative films of 2020. Enough said. 

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