My Top 10 Films of 2022

Let me first start by saying there are 2 films on this list that I never had a chance to review because I watched them after the month of its release, and I have this rule of only reviewing films watched in its release month. 

As mentioned in another year end post, I found 2022 to be a pretty decent year of film! Engagement and nostalgia seemed to be top priority in my eyes, and my top 10 definitely delivered on the engagement. 

With that being said, here are the 10 films of 2022 that left me fully satisfied.

To see the blurbs for each film, click the link in my bio or take some time to revisit the reviews on my page or blog site. 

Onward to 2023!

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10. #EverythingEverywhereAllAtOnce by directors Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert; story by Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert

I knew from my first look at the trailer that this was going to be an experience, and it didn’t disappoint at all. Yes, I love Michelle Yeoh, but Stephanie Hsu was one of my faves in this film!  

This was voted my top film of March/April in 2022. 

**You can read my original review HERE.

9. #Smile by director Parker Finn; story by Parker Finn

Slashers, horror, scary…these aren’t typically my go-to genres in film UNLESS it’s an already conditioned nostalgia (like our classic slavers) OR I see something unique or clever about the premise. This was Smile. I loved the themes, I loved the character development, and the intro title just set me up for such a good ass time. 

This was the follow up to my top film of August/September in 2022. 

**You can read my original review HERE.

8. #Nope by director Jordan Peele; story by Jordan Peele.

To be honest, this film didn’t get the highest scores from me, but it was definitely one of the most beautiful and unique of its genre. I also loved the final Act! 

I voted this my top film of July in 2022. 

**You can read my original review HERE.

7. #ViolentNight by director Tommy Wirkola; story by Pat Casey and Josh Miller.

Similar to my statement about Smile, violent gore isn’t really my go-to genre either. BUT…if something feels creative, clever, and/or unique about the premise, it will grab my attention. 

Violent Night was a blast. It wasn’t trying to take it self seriously, while ironically being serious at its core. It was well thought out, and David Harbour did an amazing job as the Santa for this particular film context. 

I voted this film my top film of December in 2022. 

**You can read my original review HERE

6. #MarcelTheShellWithShoesOn by director Dean Fleisher-Camp; story by Dean Fleisher-Camp, Jenny Slate, Nick Haley, and Elisabeth Holm.

Here is the first film of 2022 that I never got a chance to review due to watching on my own time after its release. This was SUPER cute! The animation was amazing, the story, the humor… Marcel! I literally was at the brink of tears at the end. 

This would’ve definitely been my follow up film of May/June in 2022.

5. #TheBatman by director Matt Reeves; story by Matt Reeves and Peter Craig

The thematic followthrough via Batman and Bruce Wayne was really strong, and I enjoy Pattinson’s version of the Dark Knight—it felt very current. This is the same for Zoe’s portrayal of Catwoman—I loved her. A hidden gem for me was Paul Dano! He was such a great villain!

I voted this my 3rd favorite film of March/April in 2022.

**You can read my original review HERE

4. Netflix’s #GlassOnion by director Rian Johnson; story by Rian Johnson 

Was it better than Knives Out for me? Nah, not at all. Knives Out felt must deeper and more complex than this installment. However, this installment still delivered great mystery, fun twists, engaging characters, stimulating visuals, and the overall charm of the first installment. 

I voted this my top film of October/November in 2022.

**You can read my original review HERE.

3. #HonkForJesusSaveYourSoul by director Adamma Ebo; story by Adamma Ebo

When I tell you, Regina King and Sterling K Brown CARRIED this film. These were some truly engaging performances, and the story was so juicy, messy, and hilarious. I also loved the themes of this film, and symbolism. 

I voted this film my top film of August/September in 2022. 

**You can read my original review HERE.

2. Netflix’s #RRR by director S.S. Rajamouli; story by Vijayendra Prasad and S.S. Rajamouli.

This is the second film on this list that I never got a chance to review due to watching after the month of its release. Oooooo baby, this was such an engaging and fast paced good time. Let me tell you something, you haven’t seen some of the best major blockbuster action until you’ve seen the shyt they were doing in RRR. They just let loose and gave a truly entertaining film. 

This film would’ve definitely been my follow up for March/April in 2022.  

1. #TopGunMaverick by director Joseph Kosinski; story by Peter Craig, Justin Marks, Ehren Kruger, Eric Warren Singer, and Christopher McQuarrie.

As I typed out this blurb, I realized that Joseph Kosinski also made my Could’ve Been Better list with Spiderhead. I wonder if this is one of those moments similar to Tim Burton when he was working on Batman Forever and Nightmare Before Christmas as the same time, and they say his time was so into Batman that he neglected Nightmare… … … hmmm…

Also, writer Peter Craig has made it on this particular list twice with Top Gun and The Batman! Go’n head, boy! LOL 

Anyway, after watching this film, I asked myself, “Where the hell have you been all this time?” I think it has to do with my feelings about Tom Cruise—I am just not a die hard fan, so I never felt the need to check out the franchise. And to be honest, the only reason I decided to watch this installment was because of Jay Ellis, and I assumed the premise was about passing the torch on to a new generation of Top Gunners that I might be able to tap into this time around (sort of like I did with Star Wars, but I at least went back to watch all the other installments); but oh baby, I don’t know if the others are like this one, but my film viewing experience is one that still sticks with me to this day. I voted this film my top film of May/June in 2022 

**You can read my original review HERE

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